El Salvador May 2021



By: Hugh Talley


Elizabeth and I pray that this finds everyone safe, and hopefully, things are getting back to normal in your life. I know that the past year was very stressful for most people, and rightly so. We did not have it too bad here; we have a large plot of land, so we did not have to worry about putting on a mask every time we went outside, only if we went shopping in town. I still went for my walks every day and did what we wanted to. We did not like not being able to visit sites and go to the beach, but we got through it, and things started getting better around September of last year. There are still a few places here that are in my mind ridiculous, but I try to stay away from them.

It is May, and our rainy season has started. We are getting some rain almost every day. Our grass has begun to grow, so that means we had to get the mower out and do our first cut of the season. The rain is also perfect for our garden, our plants, and flowers.

Elizabeth and I are researching making natural homemade soap. We hope to make our first batch by the end of this month. If we can perfect this to good quality, we may start promoting it locally and research other related products. The way the world is, we think it is time to get back to the basics and start growing and making our products to ensure our supply and safety. We will keep you posted on our progress.

Elizabeth and I are very happy, and we are enjoying our life here in El Salvador. We retired here almost ten years ago, we have had some challenges, but I can not think of anywhere I would rather be.

I am attaching some pictures of our grass cutting and cleaning up around the house. I am wearing a mask because of the allergies I get from the grass.



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