De Cameron Beach Resort October 2017


By: Hugh C. Talley

Elizabeth and I visited the De Cameron beach resort here in El Salvador this past week. This was our third visit to this resort, we were not very impressed with our first two visits. We did not like the check in and check out process, your check in is at 3pm the day you arrive and the checkout is 1pm the day you are to leave, when we arrived at the gate there was a long line of cars and you had to wait, they would not let you on the property until 3pm, so by the time you got through the gate and parked, it was at least 3:30pm, then we were sent to a waiting area where we had to wait for them to call our name, for us this was another 20 minutes, they then processed you, assigned you a room and gave you a room key, by the time you were in your room it was about 4pm.

I also did not care for the food, there were few options.

The grounds were beautiful and will kept. The rooms were clean and maintained, so that was a positive. There are pools through out the resort and they are will maintained.

When you were to check out that was another 45 minutes to an hour, it was just not organized. Like I said this was my previous visits.

This visit was totally different, we arrived early, thinking we would have to wait in line to go through the gate, to our surprise they let us through, we parked and went to a holding area where they had hamburgers, hot dogs and drinks while we waited. At about 2:40 they started processing, it was very efficient and we were in our room by 3:10pm.

We were allowed to book dinner at one of the specialty restaurants, which we were not allowed to do on the arrival day in the past. The staff were very courteous and helpful. The food at the buffet and at the specialty restaurants was very good to great.

When check out time arrived, again it was very efficient and we were through it in about 10 minutes. These were all great improvements, before I would have rated this resort with a 3 on a scale of 1-10, this time I would rate it a 10, we really enjoyed our stay.
I would like to give some details of this stay.

Elizabeth and I arrived on Sunday afternoon and we stayed until Wednesday afternoon.

On Sunday afternoon, we went for a walk and I hit the pool, they have many beautiful pools on the grounds. I had enjoyed a few beers and around 6pm we returned to our room and dressed for dinner, we had a 6:45 reservation at the sea food restaurant. We ordered the salmon with capers, it was delicious, everything was perfect. After dinner, we went to the main bar area, Elizabeth enjoyed her juice and I enjoyed a few more cold beers as we enjoyed watching the ocean and the sky filled with stars, it was beautiful and very relaxing. We went to our room about 11pm, this was a very nice day. I would add, our room was very nice.

On Monday morning we were up early, we went to lobby and made reservations for dinner at the Italian & Thai restaurant.

We then went for breakfast at the buffet area, here they have mostly Salvadoran with some American food. They have eggs to order, omelets, scrambled or over easy. You have a choice rice, potatoes, beans, different types of bread. it was very good.

After breakfast, we walked around the resort and took in the many sites, we took some great pictures. We lounged on the beach and enjoyed the ocean. We were in the pool by 11am and I spent most of the day there, I love the pool. We had lunch at one of the several food stations around the resort, hamburgers and fries. After lunch Elizabeth went to the room and rested and I was back in the pool, talked to other guest, and just relaxed and enjoyed the day.

At dinner I had the Italian chicken with tomato sauce and Elizabeth had a Thai dish, chicken & noodles with a sauce. After dinner, again we walked along the beach and enjoyed the night. We also enjoyed the nightly entertainment, tonight was a Caribbean dance group, they were very good.

Tuesday our day was very much the same, except we enjoyed dinner at the steak house, I had the baby beef, with potatoes and vegetables and Elizabeth had the specialty fish with vegetables, we both enjoyed the food very much. After dinner, we took in the entertainment, a Mexican dance group.

Wednesday, we were up early, enjoyed breakfast, walked along the beach and I was in the pool by 10am. We had lunch and packed up, we signed out at 1pm, they gave us a card where we could stay and enjoy the resort until 3pm, but we left for home.
This was a great time and we really enjoyed it and the improvements they have made are great. I just want to add that this resort is all-inclusive, so you do not pay for your food, drinks or entertainment, they have shows nightly, they have a movie theater, a gym, bicycles, a night club that is open until 2am and many other things to do.

I have attached some pictures, I hope you enjoy them.

Elizabeth and I would enjoy hearing from you, so please leave us your comments. Thank you for reading our blog.






Ocean View


Ocean View



Dinner at Italian Restaurant
























7 comments on “De Cameron Beach Resort October 2017

  1. Richard Eby on said:

    Glad to hear it has improved. I think it was incremental and not sudden. We were there about two years ago (maybe 2 1/2) but only spent two nights. The experience was better than your earlier ones, but not as good as this last visit of yours. We were not able to book the restaurant on our arrival day, and we were only there for two nights. The food was pretty good at the time. I agree the pools and grounds were excellent. A real estate agent dropped us off there, and we had no problems getting into the resort, but it was somewhat of an ordeal checking in. We left by bus from Sonsonate, sharing a taxi with another couple that was leaving.

  2. Richard, we are glad to hear from you. Yes, things have improved I am very happy to say. My wife Elizabeth and her sister brought a 3 year membership in the resort and it was quite expensive, so I really was not happy with our first two visits. I still do not think it is worth the money they paid, but at least this time there were a lot of improvements and I would recommend it as a place to visit, although I think for a visit you should book at least 4 days.
    Thank you again for your comments. Take care and hope to hear from you soon.

  3. Dina Aguirre on said:

    Hi Hugh, is nice to hear about your family , hope you’re health is getting better.
    I was in El Salvador the past February and our plans was visit the Decameron but did not have enough time, may be next time. It good to know they have been improved the service. My rewards to your wife.
    Keep posted more about my country. My husband will retired next year so we will have more time to travel. Chiao

    • Hi Dina, so glad to hear from you. We are happy that you were able to visit El Salvador in February, hope that you enjoyed your stay. I am doing better but it seems that it is a day to day thing, I can go to bed feeling good and wake up sick, it is very depressing some times.
      Sorry you were not able to visit the Decameron when you were here. When you do get a chance to go you should stay for at least three or four days, just to relax and take in every thing, we hope to go back soon. The improvements were a nice surprise for us.
      We wish you the best and hope that you will enjoy your time to travel when your husband retires. 
      Hope to hear from you soon, take care.
      Hugh & Elizabeth

  4. Dan McMullan on said:

    The last time we went to the Decameron about 3 years ago, I had many problems with the management. An armed security guard kicked me out of the swimming pool. It was a new t-shirt put on 10 min before we went to the pool. Called the manager to complain asked me if I had a Doctors note to excuse me from the t shirt rule. We have a house in the Veranaras 2000 feet from the edge of the Decameron bar. Told the security we were going walk to our property after we checked out. He said ok. When we began to walk the security stopped us. I told him if he shot me he better aim to kill, because my wife and I were going to walk down the beach. They didn’t tell use we had to pay a 20 dollar deposit to use the telephone, had to walk 1000 feet to the desk to activate the phone and 1000 back to call our Salvadorian relatives. Our flight was late and we arrived around 10 in the evening to find all the restaurants closed. There was no accommodation to make us a meal before we retired. I don’t go to the Decameron 1 I live beside it 2 the management doesn’t accommodate its clients 3 I don’t drink 4 I don’t like most of their food fare and 5 the music and the announcer is too LOUD for such a small venue. That is a short list of my complaints

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      Take Care,

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