Tropical Fruits of El Salvador

Hugh & Elizabeth By Hugh C. Talley

Our bananas and papayas are getting ripe and the mangoes are not far behind. I enjoyed bananas from our trees on my cereal this morning and we enjoy eating them with a glass of cold milk. The fruits are so much better when you get them fresh off of the tree. Elizabeth is making banana nut bread and a banana cream pie which I know that we will enjoy.
Elizabeth loves the papayas, she cuts them up and puts them in the refrigerator to get cold, then she snacks off of them all day. The mangoes are starting to come on the trees, Elizabeth likes to take the small green ones and cut them up with salt, I prefer them ripe and I like to make juice with them. This year we are going to have an abundance of them, we have more mango trees then you can count on our property.
We also have a lot of Nancy trees, they are blooming now and we will have the fruit very soon. The Nancy is a type of plum and is very sweet when ripe, but is very bitter when it is not ripe. We usually eat them right off of the trees. It is a favorite here in El Salvador.
We have added some pictures from our property with the fruits. We enjoy hearing from you so please leave comments.
I would like to add that our sister site is up, please check it out and sign up for the site with your email and if you know anyone thinking about visiting El Salvador show them the site. Elizabeth and I thank you so much for your help and support.

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