Thanksgiving In El Salvador 2018


Hugh & Elizabeth Talley



We enjoyed our seventh Thanksgiving here in El Salvador, and it was a joy.

We are late getting this post out. I was working on my other post, and I neglected this. After thinking about this last night I realized Thanksgiving should never be pushed back, overlooked or set aside. This is something we should all be thinking of every day of our life. I do not mean only on the one day a year that we Americans and many others around the world celebrate it. we should stop, think and give thanks every day for our many blessings.

If you are like me you can get into a rut, thinking how bad things are, I am short on money, I do not have enough time, the world is a mess or things just are not going right for us. Most if not all of these and many more are very likely true. However, let us look at it another way, I think we should list what we have that we should be thankful for and for the blessing that we have and then make a list of our problems or issues. Most of us will find we have far more to be thankful for than we have difficulty with, I know that I do.

I want to say that I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We enjoyed ours, there was plenty of good food, and we had the blessing of many of our family with us here in beautiful El Salvador. We had a lovely meal with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn and of course rice and tortillas. I will report that there was no snow and it was hot.

Elizabeth and I would like to say that we are very thankful our many blessings that we have and for all of you that follow our blog and are interested in the beautiful country of El Salvador.

We have attached some pictures from our family get together, as usual, I was taking the pictures and did not get in them, seems I always forget to have someone take a picture of me.










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