Tacuba is declared the territory of indigenous communities

By: Hugh C. Talley

This is excellent news, this was posted in the San Salvador newspaper on the 10th of October. This is another great help in preserving the history of El Salvador.

The opinion with its respective Decree stands out in this town in the Department of Ahuachapán, with 32 thousand inhabitants, there are communities with ancestral customs and it has a cultural heritage derived from the pre-Maya traditions and Nahuatl. The awarded distinction has at its base the second paragraph of article 63 of the Constitution which establishes that El Salvador recognizes indigenous peoples.

By considering it a village which has communities with own customs and a cultural heritage derived from the traditions of pre-Columbian or Aboriginal peoples, Legislative Assembly declared territory of indigenous communities, the municipality of Tacuba, Department of Ahuachapán.

According to the opinion with its respective Decree, this distinction is based on e l second paragraph of article 63 of the Constitution which provides that “El Salvador recognizes indigenous peoples and adopt policies in order to maintain and develop their ethnic and cultural identity, worldview, values and spirituality” and article 131 ordinal 22. ° which States that it is Faculty of the legislative grant populations titles, honorary distinctions and rewards consistent with the established Government and for services to the fatherland.

Added that the Western municipality “is ” a village of pre-Columbian origin (…) with a population of 32 000 inhabitants. In it are indigenous communities and people who possess a cultural heritage derived from the pre-Maya traditions and Nahuatl, whose age is evident”; has archaeological remains that date from ago 2 thousand 300 years.

In addition, indigenous communities in Tacuba stand out by its own native social organization based on the vision of pre-Columbian people, practices and customs relating to agriculture, education, medicine, spirituality, housing, art, and clothing; also revitalize their language and remain a sacred bond with the environment in their territories.

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