San Salvador: Natural History Museum




By: Hugh C. Talley


I visited the Natural History Museum in San Salvador for a day When I was researching information for my post on The History of El Salvador. This museum should be on your list of things to visit if you are interested in the history of this beautiful country.

The artifacts and information that you can view here are fantastic; it will open your mind and help you to see and understand what this area was and what it went through to become a country.

I think you should plan plenty of time for this museum because it is a lot to see and take in. It takes you from the first people to settle here, through the Spanish conquest and rule, their emergence as a nation, their struggles and their civil war.

The Natural History Museum was very valuable in helping me to see and understand what El Salvador went through to become a country. It helped me to appreciate this great country and its people even more than I already had.

I have attached pictures that we took at the museum.

Please let us know if you are planning a visit to El Salvador and have any questions.

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