My Reflections In El Salvador

Reflections on My Life: Hugh C. Talley

My Reflections

This morning I was on my blog site trying to get inspired to write a post. I reviewed our followers, something that I had not done in a while, we had 11,011 followers from all around the world. When We started this blog, we did not think there would be this much interest in El Salvador. I feel very grateful to each one of you. I am going to refocus and make some changes, hopefully for the better. I will be doing another post soon, outlining some of my ideas and the things I would like to accomplish in the coming year. We would also like to hear from you, our followers, on what you would like to know and have us write about in El Salvador.

I have been reflecting on my life, the past few months, this year has been depressing for me, we have had some health issues, we have lost some loved ones and somethings that we were hoping to achieve when we retired here, we have not been able to accomplish.

I now realize how blessed that I am, I had major heart surgery last year here in El Salvador, I had seen three heart specialists since I retired here, I did not feel that I would live through the operation with any of them (I had Constrictive Pericarditis). I then found Dr. Mauricio Centeno, from our first meeting, I was at peace and trusted him. Dr. Centeno, saved my life, if I had not have had the operation they said I could not have lived another year.

I have a beautiful wife, a very nice home, I can live nice on my Social Security, which I would not be able to do in the states. I have family that loves me, and I retired in a wonderful country that I enjoy very much.

In the following I just want to reflect on my journey to El Salvador.

My wife, Elizabeth, is from El Salvador. I met her and fell in love with her when she came to work for the company that I worked for in September of 2000 and we were married in November of 2004.

I came for my first visit to El Salvador in March of 2004, I had been warned by Elizabeth and many other people that I would not like or enjoy El Salvador, for many reasons, it is a poor country, it is dangerous, it is very hot and humid, the culture is very different from the United States, the list went on and on.

I started my journey in world travel at the age of 20 years, when I joined the U.S. Army, I spent the next 14 years living in Europe, Asia and many states in the United states that I had never visited, after leaving the Army, I continued to travel as much as possible, going to Europe and West Africa. I found that every country that I visited had its own unique beauty and culture, there were some unpleasant experiences, but the good far outweigh the bad every time. El Salvador proved to be the same.

When I first arrived in 2004, I was pleased to find that San Salvador had a modern and very efficient airport, something that many countries I had visited did not have. As for the heat, yes, it is very warm here, but I prefer the heat to the cold, the culture is very different, but anyone that travels expect that, yes, it is a poor country for most of the people, but most people here are happy, and they work hard. I think things are improving, but it takes time. Yes, there are dangerous places here, but you have that everywhere in the world especially in today’s world, most of the homicides, you hear and read about are gang on gang violence, the news does not bother to tell that part of it, it is just like anywhere else in the world, there are areas you stay away from. I have lived here for 6 years now and have had no major problems and I thank God for that.

I love El Salvador, I love what the country has to offer, the wonderful people, the beaches, the mountains, the beautiful sites and the history to name a few, I think that this is a beautiful country and a wonderful people with a lot of potential and opportunity that is overlooked by many people.

I would like to ask for your replies and suggestions. It is very important for us to hear from you, it will help us to understand what is important to you, what you would like to know about and see in our post. Please take the time to give us your thoughts. We feel very blessed to have so many followers. We wish you happiness and joy in your life and travels.

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