Our New Home Update

It is hard to believe but we have been in our new home for 7 months, this is the amount of time it took to build the home but the past 7 months seemed to go a lot faster than the 7 months we were waiting for it to be built.

We have been very busy trying to get the home the way we want it inside and out. Elizabeth has been arranging the furniture around and then changing it again. I have been trying to get my office in some kind of order. We have been working on the landscaping and that has been a challenge, our summer started in November and we have had no rain so we have to water the plants and flowers daily which has caused our well to run low on water, so we have people digging our well down another 3 meters hoping to find a larger spring. We have a guy hauling water from the nearby creek(he calls it a river) to water our plants and flowers. I have added some pictures of the landscaping work we are doing. Will this is a brief update on our life here in El Salvador. I must say that even with the small problems we encounter we are enjoying our home and our retirement here.

I plan to get much more involved and keep my blog up to date, I will try to post at least once or twice a week from now on.





2 comments on “Our New Home Update

  1. Ameer Saleem on said:

    I’m enjoying your blog. I found it this week after visiting El Salvador thus past weekend and fell in love with this beautiful country. I’m retired from the Marines and am seriously dreaming of quitting my current job at 50 years old and moving there. Do you think that $1500 per month is sufficient income to live comfortably? I can continue to work for 10 more years and buy a place there now and use it as a vacation place until I retire and then have it exactly the way I want it. Most likely the route I will take, but am ready to stop working now. Plus in 10 years my income will double with my second retirement. Anyway, keep writing and maybe I will run into some where out there.

    • Hugh Talley on said:

      Ameer,thank you for your comments and questions. First of all I am very happy you enjoyed your visit to El Salvador. The short answer to your question about $1500.00 a month is yes you can live very will on this if you own your home here, however I think if this was your first visit here and at that only a weekend you should spend more time getting to know the country. I would suggest you visit the country a few more times to meet the people, see the sites and get a feel of what it is really like. I would then suggest you come for 6 months to a year and rent a place to be sure this is what you want before you invest in a home and other things. The vacation place could be a good move but be sure who you deal with has a good reputation and by all means optain a good lawyer ( you can find a list of lawyers on the U.S. Embassy El Salvador web site.) There are many things you need to consider and prepare for before relocating here or any where else in the world.
      Please let me know your thoughts and questions. I hope you will visit El Salvador again very soon, please keep me posted and good luck.

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