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This is my first post to our blog site. As I have stated before My wife Elizabeth and I retired here last November and built our home here, after almost 8 months of constriction we moved in the second week of July. We still have a lot of landscaping work to do. I might add we are very happy and love our new home.

For  our first blog we would like to  lay out our objectives and goals for our site “lifeofagringoexpatinelsalvador.com” .

Objectives: To inform people of what I believe is a most beautiful but overlooked gem in Central America, the country of El Salvador. I want to tell of our experiences (good & bad) in this country in a truthful and honest manner. I feel that El Salvador  has been misrepresented and portrayed in a negative manner in the United States and other countries, in many instances by people or groups whom have never been here or have not researched the country in an unbiased way. El Salvador has some problems as does every other country in the world and I feel many if not most have a lot more problems and issues then El Salvador has.


(1) To tell of our personal experiences on living in this beautiful country.

(2) To encourage tourism and growth in El Salvador.

(3) We would like to address peoples questions and concerns on visiting El Salvador in a truthful and honest manner.

(4) We would like to assist people with reliable and trust worthy contacts and/or services they may need when planning a visit to El Salvador.

Please feel free and you are encouraged to ask questions, make suggestions and comments. This will help us on our new journey into blogging.

2 comments on “Objectives and Goals of lifeofagringoexpatinelsalvador

  1. Moving down there this year. My wife is also from E Salvador and we both are retired. Do youhave anything new to add to your blog, relocation? Banking? construction etc.

    • administrator on said:

      Sorry it took me a while to answer, I have been out of the area the last few weeks.
      It is very good to hear that you will be moving to El Salvador, I will be adding to my blog shortly.

      I will touch on some of the things you ask about.
      (1) Relocation- I am sure you are aware of the shipping companies, there are many of them but it is costly depending on how much you are shipping and what size container you would need (I would get at least 3 quotes). I ended up buying a box truck and haring a driver to drive it to El Salvador. By doing this you can sell the truck or use it for a business once you get it here. There are some things to be careful about in doing this so if this is the way you decide to go let me know and I will give you more information.

      (2) Banking- You will need to be a resident here to open a bank account. It took me less than two months to get a temporary resident card, with this you can go to the U.S. Embassy and they will help you set up a bank account and have your social security checks go into that account.(by the way check out the U.S.Embassy web site for El Salvador it has a lot of good information.) I used a lawyer to get my resident, I found it a lot easier and less hassle then doing it on my own. You can find a list of lawyers on the U.S. Embassy web site as I did and if you want I will give you the name of the law firm that I used. I might add there is some paperwork you will need to bring with you, you will need a police background check, your birth certificate, and your marriage certificate. These all have to be certified and they will have to be Apostille by your Secretary of State in the state you reside in and they cannot be older than 90 days when you apply and submit your resident paperwork.

      (3) Construction- There are many builders here, you will need to look at some of their completed work and talk with people that have used them before you decide on who to use. We live near Cara Sucia in Ahuachapán and we found an excellent builder, he built our home from the ground up and we are very happy with the home and his work. I may be able to help you more with this if I know what type of home you want to build and in what area of El Salvador.

      What I have answered here is very brief, when I moved here there were a lot of things I had to learn that you don’t expect and don’t think about when you are just visiting here every year and it was a challenge even for my wife because she had been away for so many years and the country is growing and there are many changes. Don’t get me wrong this is not a bad thing but be ready for an adventure and a challenge.

      Please contact me with any questions and I will try to get you answers.

      Thank you.

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