A New Well for Santa Elena


In June of this year a group of Missionaries from Living Water International came here to the village of Santa Elena, Cara Sucia to drill a much-needed well for the village.

Living Water International has completed more than 10,000 water projects for communities in 23 countries around the world, many of these projects have been here in El Salvador.

The well that they drilled here in Santa Elena is a great help to the community. The team ran into many problems while drilling the well, the drilling machine broke down many times and they had trouble getting the parts they needed, but in the end, it was completed and the people here are very happy for the well. I met the missionaries and they were a great group of people and were really team players, they were always upbeat, positive and happy.

I thought this was an appropriate post for this time of year even though this took place back in June it was people helping people who really needed it. In my life time I have spent many a Christmas in many countries around the world and it has always seemed to me that people were a bit happier, more giving, more helpful and more tolerant this time of the year.

I have attached some pictures. Please leave your comments and /or questions you may have on El Salvador.

















3 comments on “A New Well for Santa Elena

  1. The perfect post for this time of year to remind us to be grateful for all that we have!

  2. Hi and Happy New Year!
    I am glad to find your blog and will read more when I am back in ES. MY experience there is not quite as “indigenous” as yours. Read the “Bubble” post on my blog to see what I mean. The blog is all about ES, not Rhode Island which is our home but not where we live.

    I look forward to reading more of your adventures!


    • Robert, glad to have you reading and commenting on our blog. We wish you a very Happy New Year. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Thank you again for reading our blog.

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