My Two Years Living In El Salvador

DSCN2021 By: Hugh C. Talley


I was sitting on my porch today thinking it was two years ago that I got off of the plane in San Salvador and started my retirement life here in El Salvador, I cannot believe how time flies by us and how short life really is. I must say I am very happy that I chose to retire at age 62, however I would never have been able to do this and live in the United States, I would have had to live a very poor life style or I would have had to work until I was in my 70’s. My wife and I live very comfortable on my Social Security payments, but in the United States this would not have even paid rent and groceries.

I enjoy El Salvador because the weather is always warm (very warm), the people are very friendly and there are so many beautiful beaches close by (we are about 30 minutes form some very nice ones). There is also a lot of historical sites, museums and other beautiful sites to see. El Salvador is really a great country to visit and live in.

In the last two years I have been able to accomplish some of my goals. My wife and I built our dream home, I have become a resident of El Salvador and I started this blog site, which is becoming very popular thanks to you, my subscribers. I also have been able to travel the country and see many of the beautiful sites and learn more of the customs and ways of the wonderful people of El Salvador which has hopefully allowed me to help other people of the world to understand the country and the people a little better. I must admit I need to put more effort into learning Spanish, this is hard for me.

I have attached some pictures of our home, from the start of construction up to today. The construction of our home took about seven months, the landscaping, will, we are still working on that.

I would be very grateful to have your comments or questions on anything you would like to know about El Salvador.

The pictures start from the bottom (oldest) and move up.


PIMG_0897 (33)10/2013

PIMG_0897 (27)10/2013

PIMG_0897 (25)10/2013

PIMG_0897 (16)10/2013

PIMG_0897 (14) 10/2013

PIMG_0897 (13)10/2013

PIMG_0897 (12)10/2013

PIMG_0897 (9)10/2013

PIMG_0897 (8)10/2013

PIMG_0897 (6)10/2013


Landscaping  9 12 2012 05508/12

Landscaping  9 12 2012 05208/2012

Landscaping  9 12 2012 04808/2012

Landscaping  9 12 2012 04508/2012

Landscaping  9 12 2012 03808/2012

Landscaping  9 12 2012 03308/2012


Landscaping  9 12 2012 02908/2012

Landscaping  9 12 2012 01208/2012



14 Jan 2012 061D02/2012

14 Jan 2012 061B02/2012

14 Jan 2012 061A02/2012

14 Jan 2012 047D01/2012

14 Jan 2012 047B01/2012

14 Jan 2012 04701/2012

14 Jan 2012 03201/2012

8 December 2011 (9)12/2011

8 December 2011 (4)12/2011

3 December 2011 03312/2011

3 December 2011 02412/2011

3 December 2011 02212/2011

3 comments on “My Two Years Living In El Salvador

  1. Hi Hugh – I’ve read and enjoyed several of your blog posts recently. My husband and I also retired early once we figured out that we could travel full-time for a lot cheaper than remaining in the US. We were in El Salvador in June and have to agree with you that it is an amazing and very interesting country; we hope to return for another visit in the future. Congratulations on building your dream home and spending two years in beautiful El Salvador. Anita

  2. Aristides Maradiaga on said:

    Successful man is one who dreams big and works hard.

    Congratulations man, you deserve your success.

    Best Regards

  3. Matt :) on said:

    Hey Dad!
    I really like the pictures, it compliments the blog pretty well. I miss you and I love you. Im going to stay updated with the blog. I really like it. Love you Dad 🙂

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