La Pampa Argentina Restaurante

Hugh & Elizabeth By: Hugh C. Talley

Last Tuesday, Elizabeth and I were invited by our friend Kryssia to visit her in San Salvador and we had a very enjoyable day. Kryssia took us to lunch at the La Pampa Argentina Restaurante, this restaurant is located near the San Salvador Volcano known as “Quetzaltepec”.
There are several La Pampa restaurants in and around San Salvador; this was our first time visiting one of them. The restaurant was very nice and the grounds surrounding the restaurant were beautiful and had wonderful scenic views of the city and the mountains.
We ordered the New York strip steak, with a garden salad, grilled vegetables and baked potato. We had the frozen strawberry for our beverage.This was a great meal, the food was excellent. The price was about $24.00 per person including a 10% tip. After our meal we spent time enjoying the scenic views and the well kept grounds. We would definitely recommend this restaurant for the fine food and the scenery; it was very beautiful and peaceful. We thank Kryssia for showing us this beautiful restaurant.
We have attached pictures. We thank you for reading our blog. Please feel free and you are encouraged to send us your thoughts and or comments.

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