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Hugh & Elizabeth Talley


We love our life in El Salvador and we do not usually get into politics on my blog site, however, I feel the need to express my thoughts and concerns about what is happening with these people trying to gain or I should say force their way into the United States.

I first want to say we have lived here in El Salvador for the last seven years, we have family and friends living in Honduras and Guatemala. I and most of my family feel that this mass movement is totally wrong. I believe that most of these people are good people. This movement was organized, paid for and is controlled by the far left in Honduras, other countries and from within the United States. These people are trying to divide, confuse and distract Americans. Most of the migrants are good people that were offered money, promised entry into America, and God knows what else. These people have it hard here, wages are low, so the cost of living is high for them, there are bad areas where some of them cannot afford to move out of, so these snake charmers talked them into this stupid movement. I can tell you there is not 50 in 5000 that has a valid reason for asylum in the United States. I can also tell you that some very bad people have entered into this movement.

People that want or really need asylum should do it properly in one, two or a family, not like this. No one has the right to form a mass and try to force their way into another country, that is an invasion and America has every right to defend their borders. I truly hope that the good people will come to their senses and return and work to make their country a better place.

I do not mean to offend or upset anyone, but I am living here and know first hand how things are and when I read and see all the lies, misleading information and people saying all these people want is a better life, it upsets me. Everyone wants a better life, but you work for it you do not just run away from your country, there would be no America if our ancestors had done that.

I have given this a lot of thought and it gives me great pleasure to rewrite our story on retiring here in El Salvador, so please read the following, I have edited and rewrote some of this to bring it up to date.

Up until recently, you did not hear much about the country of El Salvador in the United States, and if you did it is usually bad news – the violence, drugs or the gangs. Yes, El Salvador has these things but so does every other country in the world including the United States, just pick up today’s paper or check the Internet. As long as you stay away from the wrong areas and the wrong people you are unlikely to have a problem.

My wife Elizabeth is from El Salvador, I made my first trip here with her in March of 2004 and I must say that I fell in love with the country right away. The warm climate, the beautiful beaches, and the tropical atmosphere – I found the good life.

Elizabeth and I returned every year from 2004-2011 for 2-3 weeks a year. With every visit, I discovered more and more of what this beautiful country had to offer: the Salvadoran people who are friendly and hardworking, the many beautiful beaches, the mountains where the climate is cooler, and they grow coffee and the many historical sites. The city of San Salvador, which is a very modern city with malls, stores, and restaurants including Wal-Mart, PriceSmart, Sears, McDonald’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut and others. You can have the best of both worlds in El Salvador.

When my 401K took a big hit in 2011 and the company that I worked for the last 19 years started to lay off key people I started looking at my options. Since I was turning 62 in December I decided to retire and move here to El Salvador.

Elizabeth and I arrived here in November of 2011 to build our home and start our new life. We designed and had our home built from the ground up. It took 7 months to complete. I must say this was a very stressful time. We were at the site almost every day updating; making changes and making sure our dream home was the way we wanted it. In the end, it was a wonderful and very rewarding experience. you can build a beautiful home here for less than $100,000.00 (2011-2012 cost); we built our home for $26.00 an sq. ft. less than $80,000.00 Our home in the United States would have cost us around $400,000.00 to $500,000 at that time, it would be more now. I also want to add we already owned our land, so this cost was just the house.

The adjustment has been trying at times; I still speak very little Spanish, so Elizabeth must take care of most of the business that we have to deal with such as paying the bills and getting things done. This is not always a bad thing because at times I have a short temper when things do not make sense to me or they do not move fast enough. The pace here is slow. There are only two speeds in El Salvador; slow and slower. Even after seven years here I let myself get angry over things that I have no control over and they are not going to change.

I am very happy and content here in El Salvador. I cannot think of anywhere that I would rather be at this time. I enjoy traveling the country, visiting sites, meeting people, and writing about the many wonderful experiences that we have here.

I would encourage people to visit, retire and invest in El Salvador. This country has a lot to offer at this time, you can live very well on your Social Security check. If you are looking to invest, there are many business and investment opportunities in the country.
We hope that you will find this post enjoyable and helpful, We hope that people around the world will not get a bad impression of Central America from the mess that is happening now. Like I said most of the people are good people that were fooled into this mess by people with very bad intentions for America and they do not care who gets hurt from their evil ways and actions.

We want to think you for reading our post, please leave your comments and questions we will get back to you.

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