El Salvador: The Birth of a Country




By: Hugh C. Talley


I have worked on this post, El Salvador, the birth of a country for some time. El Salvador as does most of Central America has a complicated history. I have learned a lot and found this a very interesting topic. I plan to keep studying the history and will update or do more post on this.

In 1524 the area that is now El Salvador was made up of several Indian states and principalities. The Pipil Indians inhabited the area. The Pipil are believed to have come to El Salvador in the 11th century; they called the land Cuscatlan (Land of Jewels). Today this area is known as Antiguo Cuscatlan.

Pedro de Alvarado of Spain first attempted to take control of the area in 1524 but was forced to retreat by the Pipil warriors. In 1525 Alvarado returned and succeeded in bringing the area under control of the Audiencia of Mexico ( New Spain ).

Pedro de Alvarado named the area for Jesus Christ, El Salvador ( The Savior ). Alvarado was appointed the first governor.

In 1543 El Salvador and most of Central America was placed under a new Audiencia of Guatemala.

Napoleon’s occupation of Spain 1807-1814 led to the outbreak of revolts across Spanish America. In New Spain (Central America), they were fighting for independence from Spain from 1810 to 1821. In 1821 the Deputy Ruler was defeated in the capital city (Mexico City), and the news of the independence was sent out to all territories of New Spain. El Salvador joined the other Central American Intendencies in a joint declaration of independence from Spain. Independence day is still celebrated on September 15th.

We hope that you enjoy this brief history of El Salvador. It would require writing a book to go in-depth on the history of this beautiful but completed country.

Please let us hear from you and let us know your thoughts.

Please let us know if you plan to visit El Salvador and have any questions or if you need information on the country; we will try to help.

Thank you for reading our blog post.

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