El Salvador – Summer Season Starts




By: Hugh C. Talley

We are starting our summer, which is six months of dry with little or no rain. The summer is not much different from the winter. The temperatures about the same, which is always hot. The worst problem with this is, the grass, plants and flowers need to be watered to keep them alive.

We had a very wet season this year. This was good for our trees and plants, we have coconuts, bananas, papayas and limes on our trees and we will be getting mangos before long.

You may notice in the pictures that we have covered the papayas with plastic, this is because the birds, especially wood pickers love to eat them when they are near ripe.

Elizabeth and I are working on some new projects and hope to focus on some new areas of interest for you. We hope to add some video to our blog post. Please leave us a commit and  let us know your thoughts on this.

Please hit the like button and leave us a commit telling us what your interest are in El Salvador, such as travel, the beach, investment, work, retirement or historical sites, just let us know so we can research and post on what you like.

Elizabeth and I are so grateful for all of you who enjoy and follow our blog. When we started this blog in 2012 we had no idea that we would have over 11,000 subscribers from all over the world. Elizabeth and I are very happy that so many of you are interested in this beautiful country.

We have attached some pictures of our property around our home, we hope you enjoy them.

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