El Salvador Presidential Election Goes to March Runoff

PIMG_0897 (33) By: Hugh C. Talley

To become President in El Salvador in the first round a candidate must get at least 50% of the votes.

The El Salvador election was held yesterday and it was a very close election if you look at the numbers. In my opinion the media here is trying to make it appear that the FMLN candidate Sanchez Ceren was the winner because he had 49% of the votes compared to 39% for ARENA’s candidate Norman Quijano and 11% for Gana’s candidate Antonio Saca. The way I interpret this is that ARENA and GANA’s ideas and the platforms that they run on are very similar but are not even close to the platform of the FMLN, this would mean that 50% (39% +11%= 50%) of the country wants a Democratic form of government and not a Socialist form of government. The runoff on March 9th will be between FMLN’s Sanchez Ceren and AREA’s Norman Quijano. I think it will be interesting and I think a very close election.

I would also like to say that the web site that was set up by the government for the election results was very impressive, it was very easy to understand and they kept the results up to date. I think they did an outstanding job on this site.

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