El Salvador Dairy: Lacteos Garita Palmera




By: Hugh C. Talley


I was very fortunate this week; I met Mr. Reinaldo Salazar and Mr. Maynor Tejada of Lacteos Garita Palmera, a new startup company in the dairy industry here in El Salvador.


Lacteos Garita Palmera was formed by 15 local cattle farmers in the area known as Garita Palmera near Cara Sucia.

The business opened on the 20th of April 2017. The 15 ranchers take turns working at the small factory that produces whipping cream, milk, hard cheese and the soft cheese.
The hard cheese is used daily with Salvadoran meals the soft cheese is used in making pupusas and other Salvadoran dishes. The soft cheese taste and has the texture of mozzarella cheese, it is delicious.

The business started out with two full-time workers, but in less than a year they are up to four full-time workers.

There is also a full-time office manager Ms. Jennifer Cabrera; she takes care of all the administrative responsibilities, she is also one of the partners in the business. Ms. Cabrera is very knowledgeable and very involved in the company


The company at this point is selling to local restaurants and families. They hope to expand and be able to sell to the more substantial food stores such as Selectos, Despensa Familiar and other food markets in the country.


The main problem the company has now is getting enough quality milk. The milk used for their products must meet the government requirements to sell to the public.

The company is in the process of working with and training local farmers on the required procedures, so they can meet the quality control required, this will help them obtain the needed milk to expand their business.

The company’s goals are to expand their business by adding more space and equipment to their factory.

They want to add more products such as different cheeses and yogurt.

The company is working on plans to sell their products to retail stores.The company plans to expand into other areas of El Salvador.


Garita Palmera is an outstanding company and in my opinion a great example of what El Salvador needs, people, stepping up, opening a business and providing opportunities for the people of El Salvador.

I enjoyed visiting this operation and making some new friends here in El Salvador.

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