El Salvador 2019



By: Hugh C. Talley


Hello, my friends and followers, sorry that I have not been very active on my blog this year. I will bring you up to date with this blog post.

El Salvador swore in the new President on June 1st, Nayib Bukele. I do not like to voice my option on politics in my blog, but I feel that I must in this case, after 10 years of the Socialist FMLN President Bukele is like a breath of fresh air. President Bukele and his administration have accomplished many good things for El Salvador and they have very good plans. I wish him and his family the very best.


I posted before that my son Matt come for a visit in July. We had a very good time, I enjoyed that very much. I am hoping Matt will be here for my birthday in December.







The rain season should be almost over, we have had a lot of rain this year, but that is very good for the dry season. The dry season usually starts in November.

We did some landscaping and planted some flowers along our walkway. I think that they come out very nice.



We worked on putting in a small garden last week, something I have wanted to do since we moved here in 2011 but never got around to doing it until this year. We are hoping that we will have tomatoes and peppers in a couple of months. We have had a very good season with our bananas, papayas, and limes this year.




I have been working on plans to start a small business, I am talking to some suppliers here and hope to do some exporting to the states. We have established the name “Direct World Market”, but little else at this point. I will post more on this if and when it develops.
This brings me up to date on what I have been doing this year. I will try to do more posts before the end of the year. Please let us hear from you, we are always interested in your comments and thoughts.

Hugh & Elizabeth

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